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new merch tho

taggin soz


Turn ons: common sense

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my anonymous friend sent me this and i thought this was really beautiful


// A means to an end
Photo and edit by me

attention all melb internet pals


does anyone know any cheap places to stay in melbourne, bc i’m hoping to maybe come down for the counterparts show (seeing as i can’t make the sydney show)

but i know no one there irl and i am pretty broke

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Anonymous: Why are you going to Melbourne to see Counterparts when they are playing in Newcastle and it is closer ?

because i’m on a school camp from the 27th november to the 4th of december, meaning the only date I’d be able to catch is the Melb/Adl. AA shows :c

and I’m broke and melb is closer + i wanna meet people !!!!

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B R ♥ N E W // The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

Best brand new edit I’ve ever seen holy shit

fav omg

My lord this is perfect

Winston McCall | Parkway Drive by Morgan Legars

oh fuck.


Bodies are strange. You can do something so natural and then see it in print and not feel like it could possibly be you or that you could look like that. Small spaces too, sometimes a tiny corner can shed light on the unseen. In terms of space and company, I will always prefer the intimate to the cold and impersonal. You can’t see the details if you can’t get close.

A lesson on life from one of the most remarkable women i know - you can’t see the details if you can’t get close.. The details of you are remarkable. The curves and edges, the heart and the soul - thank you for all the sharing and opening up you’ do here on Coffee Club.